Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oyster Shooters

Oyster Shooters ... mmmmmmmmm

Look at this - How would you like to make a serving tray of these? Read on...

Serving tray of Oyster Shooters:

12 oysters - in the shell - not the jar - gotta shuck 'em.

12 lime wedges.

4-6 teaspoons horseradish.

12 drops worcestershire sauce.

12 drops - Your preferred red-pepper sauce (Tobasco etc).

12 drops cocktail sauce (Heinz will do).

Small bag of cherry tomatoes.

Dried Parsley.

Black Pepper.

Large bottle Grey Goose Vodka - entire bottle - You may consume the unused portion (my favorite part - rrrrrrrrr ).

Shuck the oysters, cut, and pour premium vodka on the top of each exposed oyster.

Chill the tray of Oyster Shooters for at least 1 hour (chill for an hour before adding seasoning).

Squeeze mixture of combined ingredients above: Horseradish, Tobasco, worcesterhire, Cocktail sauce onto each half shelled oyster. Place a piece of tomato and pinch of parsley on top of the horseradish mixture.

Invite friends.


Nice - Enjoy responsibly.

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